Celebrations and Events Places in Murcia, Cartagena and Alicante

Eventos 2.0 brings together the widest variety of our own places in Southern Spain to celebrate wedding receptions, banquets, etc. where you can enjoy the most delicious national and internationally awarded gastronomy. Besides welcoming our guests in our own restaurants and country estates we can also take our catering service to your house or company.

We offer the possibility to have, with just one company, the most interesting selection of places for everybody’s tastes. These are absolutely customizable and exclusive and can be adapted to any kind of celebration. In front of the sea, in an inland orchard, isolated or in the very centre of the city, intimate or for large numbers, in a rustic, classical, baroque or futuristic setting. Radical avant-garde buildings, 19th century ancestral houses and mansions which differentiate total relaxing areas from really lively ones.

Bring us your idea and our professional expert team will give you advice. We will create what you really need: genuine difference.