A majestic, noble, white and renewed building, more than a 100 years old, with three levels and aljub, surrounded by a breath-taking glass dome and the most modern discotheque. More than two hectares of gardens and parking space. Palms, olive trees, pool, chill-out area, marquees and haimas. There is a second underground disco situated in the former aljub.
Everything is possible in Casa del Alambre. Peaceful enjoyment in a private and exclusive place, dancing in a real discotheque, enjoying after hour opening time, tasting the most delicious cuisine inside a modern glass dome, savouring a cocktail on a Balinese bed, strolling around its spacious gardens…
Casa del Alambre is all of this and much more. Whatever you want it to be.



Calle de Sector Cinco
30564 Lorquí (Murcia).
GPS: 38º 5’ 12,42’’ N – 1º 14’ 24,40’’ O